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Preorder items are usually popular items that sell out fast!!!

For this very reason, preordering allows our buyer to know how many items we should order to meet the demand of our "valued customers". Some items have the potential of selling out quickly once it arrives at Cute Kids Clothing Company and because of this reason we provide our customers the opportunity to preorder items. These items are located in the preorder category section of our website!!

Preorders are currently not in stock at Cute Kids Clothing Company! This product is reserved especially for you. Since your item is reserved - your credit card or paypal account  is charged at the time your order is placed. Once preorder items arrive they will be shipped out immediately to your shipping address location you provided. If you order multiple preorder items or if you combine in-stock items with preorder items, Cute Kids Clothing Company will ship your order once the preorder item or items arrive. If you would like for the in-stock items to be shipped separately from the preorder item you will be charged twice for shipping or we can ship all items at one time once the preorder(s) arrive in store. 

PLEASE NOTE:: All our preorder dates are approximate. This is due to the designers production schedules, and sometimes an item may arrive several weeks before or after. Cute Kids Clothing Company has no control over their production schedule or inventory. Items are rarely delayed but if it does happen, Cute Kids Clothing Company will contact you with a new ship date.